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William Tuiravakai of Island Photo is the most sought
after wedding photographer in the Cook Islands.

He works mainly on his home island of Rarotonga,
but his work as a Photographer also takes him to
many of the countries neighbouring islands.

William has extensive experience in film photography,
and digital imaging services for businesses,
weddings and individuals.

He has a great sense of humour,
is down to earth and is a great communicator.

William prides himself on his professionalism, a
sense of style, colour, lighting and intuition. He
strives to capture the uniqueness and mood in bringing
about the very special moment of beauty.

Couples wedding rings
Signing the registry
Coconut branch
Lagoon in Aitutaki
Coconut grove beside the beach
Male dancer smiling for the camera
A coconut tree
Avana lagoon
A male dancer smiles for the camera
Coconut tree
Male dancers squints for the camera
Boys from the Band
Group of dancers
Dancing team
Gazebo on the beach
Wedding Gazebo
Mauke church
Dancer in costume
A very characteristic tree beside the beach
Wedding couple in the glow of the sunset
Ring sitting on a shell
Flower girls awaiting the bride
Mauke church
Ring on Trochus shell
Happy couple
Flower girls
Tree beside beach
Dancer in costume
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